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Tater Tots® $3
BUTTER's classic Low Carb* treat.
We cook 'em up crispy just like the
lunch lady.

Cheesey Tots $4
Let your tots swim in a sea of processed cheese for an extra buck!

Chili Cheesey Tots $5
Why stop with just cheese?

Mini Corn Dogs $4
Bite size pieces of corn dog. Ideal for sharing with your friends...
or keeping all to yourself.

Mozzarella Sticks (6 pcs.) $4
Perfect when dipped in fresh-from-the-jar marinara sauce.

Chicken Nuggets (8 pcs.) $5
We hand select each nugget to ensure quality and taste. Your choice of Ranch or BBQ dippin' sauce.

Jalapeño Poppers (6 pcs) $5
Our executive chef recommends pairing poppers with a tall can of Coors Light®.

Deep Fried Mac and Cheese $5
Take the american classic, compress it into small bite size nuggets, and submerge it into 360 degree oil. Delish!

Deep Fried Twinkie $5
Battered, rolled in crushed graham crackers, and fried!!! We at BUTTER
feel that arteries were meant to be clogged.

Deep Fried PB&J $5
Yes, really!



Two White Castle® Cheeseburgers $3
These mini cheeseburgers are world renowned for giving revelers a solid
base for a long night of festivities.

Mac 'n' Cheese® $3
A true American classic. This orange colored pasta tops the list as "the favorite food" of America's youth. Try it with our signature cocktail: The Afterschool Special!

Spaghettios® $4
Pasta from a can, real fresh like your babysitter used to make!

Beanie Weenies® $4
Cocktail franks and beans smothered in a savory hickory smoked sauce. Perfect when washed down with a pint of Pabst Blue Ribbon®.

Nachos $4
Tortilla chips covered with warm canned cheese. Get authentic and
enjoy them with a Corona®.

Frito® Pie $4
Chili and cheese ladled over Fritos®. If you're looking for a belly bomb, this is it!

* Yeah, right.

Twinkies - $1
Moist golden sponge cake with creamy goodness inside.

This Space Intentionally Left Blank.

Whitetrash Driver
Vodka and Original Florida Style
Sunny-D®. Packed with vitamins!

This ain't no Winnebago.
Red Bull® and vodka. And lots of it.

Junkyard Dog
Stoli Vanil® and Thomas Kemper
Root Beer® on Draught. Woof! Woof!

Shotgun Wedding
A shot of JD and a cold Bud tall boy! A marriage made in heaven. RIGHT?

After School Special
Vodka & grape soda. Jai's favorite!

Latch-Key Tea
A Long Island with strawberry soda instead of cola. It's OK, Mom and
Dad don't get home 'till 6.

Absolut Mandrin®, Triple Sec, OJ in a Tang® rimmed glass.

Tiki Trash
Coconut Rum and Hawaiian Punch. It's a luau in a glass!

Cherry Bomb
Seagram's Black Cherry vodka & Squirt over ice...
Light Fuse and Run Away!

Bitchin' Camaro
92 Proof Sailor Jerry spiced rum & Dr. Pepper.
This will get your motor runnin'!

Prom Night Punch
Seagram's Apple Vodka, 7-Up, Cranberry Juice, and a splash of romance. We've got the limo till midnight!

Butter's Bottle Service
A pint of PBR and a mini bottle of Fernet Branca riding side saddle. Yo Dawg! That's Livin Large!

Hubba Bubba
Seagram's Wild Grape Vodka, Squirt, and a splash of cranberry. What else is there to say?



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